Asparagus Fesitival

Asparagus Fesitival

18 April 2020 - 18 April 2020

On Saturday, April the 25th, the arrival of the white gold (asparagus) will be celebrated in a festive restaurant BØFF accompanied by live music.

You will receive a glass of prosecco when you arrive and experience the asparagus during the evening in all its glory. The evening will be culinary and tastefull with a choice of appetizers, starters and entrees, soup, main courses and desserts. Of course the main course 'Asparagus in a classic way' will be present. Under the guidance of FF Dimme, the evening will get an festive ambiance. Matching wines and beers will be served to complete the dishes to everyone's liking. Suprise yourself and be amused with this special evening!

The evening starts at 19:00 and drinks & food are included (excluding foreign distilled) until 00:00. Tickets cost € 69.50 p.p. and are available online or at our reception at the hotel.